a little about me

Hello all! My name is Evan. I’m a New York based designer. I’ll make it quick. I was trained in traditional animation. Developed the love of movement. Added an unhealthy curiosity of human behavior. Mixed in a desire to capture the essence of a character. Threw in a dash of creative juice. And, BAM, a character designer! No? How about, I just love bringing characters to life? With over ten years experience, I’ve designed characters, reinterpreted characters, and created visual styles to adapt existing characters into. I’ve designed anything from show concepts to toy concepts. My clients include Sesame Workshop, Disney, Warner Brothers, LEGO, MTV, VH1, Mattel, Fisher Price, and more! So, if you want a new character or something new for your character, give me a clickity clack on your keyboard and send me an email. If you’re a little more old school, a phone call would work too. And, if technology scares you, shoot me a letter snail mail style. Not recommended, though. Thanks for your time!